Stationery Haul :D

Man, there are such awesome stationery lovers’ paradise here.. (sighs)

Hello everyone!

All of us work, the work may be anything you know.. Say play cricket or study to become a CA or cook or work for a builder? 

But, while doing anything we all use some kind of stationery. And the better it is, it just makes us want to get back to work (trust me, it does!)

So, recently I had a little splurge at a Superstore ‘ANUPAM’ which is located in Mumbai opposite the Borivali Railway station. It has expanded recently and boy, the stuff they have <big sighhh>

I’ll leave the prices in the caption. Enjoy!

Following are packets of printed papers. Now what I want to mention which is common for every packet is that the cover depicts just the pattern and every paper in it is of a different color but that print. (There are 2 same coloured in each packet).

10 Rs. only for 20 solid pretty colored papers (15cmx15cm)
250 Rs. for glittery + beautifully printed papers (This one I bought from the crawford market) (30cmx30cm)
150 Rs. for super super cute 16 sheets of (wrapping but multipurpose) papers (30cmx46cm)
145 Rs. for 40 sheets of really beautiful floral printed paper (A5)
Yeah, I bought 2 packets. (15cmx15cm)
10 Rs. Only for this awesome speckled pack of 20 sheets (15cmx15cm)
25 Rs. for Colourful Abstract Paper (15cmx15cm)
20 Rs.! for 20 Spotty papers! (15cmx15cm)
20 Rs. for 20 starry sheets (15cmx15cm)
25 Rs. for 20 Abstract, colorful sheets (15cmx15cm)
25 Rs. for 20 sheets of Animal Print (15cmx15cm)
25 Rupees for 20 awesome sheets of metallic paper (15cmx15cm)

Following is a packet of wooden clips which can be used for anything as far as your imagination can go. I use it as bookmarks.

45 Rupees for 10 clips

I also use a lot of post it notes and these I bought from crawford market, Abdul Rehman street.

30 bucks for the packet
10 Rupeees only!!! (A bargain, right?)

I also bought some oil paint based markers which claim to write on most surfaces and I am already finding these worth the spending.

95 Rupees for each marker

So, this is the recent addition to my collection.

I hope you enjoyed going through and found something that can be useful for you. Please let me know in the comments if you know how to type in a Rupee sign as you may have noticed I still can’t figure that out -.-

Eager to use the papers,

Shanaya 🙂


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