Facing Fears Part 2

Hello SOuls!

(Now am super duper eager to share this concept of SOULS with you. If I’m efficient enough and manage to put through the feelings well, for those who understand the science may just change their lives for good 🙂 but since I’d started this theory, must complete sharing this first)

Alright so this, is precisely about dealing with fears. Following are a few sensations that we feel when we are in a trance of upset feelings or are in the state of fear:

1. Pounding in the head

2. Trembling of hands or feet

3. Gripping at the throat

4. A choking feeling

5. Any other feeling which makes you feel gutted


Now, fears stop us from going ahead, stop us from living a life free from any barriers. Let’s break the walls down together!

First up, do not, DO NOT accept it that ‘I am afraid of it’. When you accept it, you don’t mind it to be there and manipulate your way of doing an activity. But remember, you might not be able to manipulate every task. Fear may also stop you from enjoying, like maybe visiting an amusement park with thrilling rides at great heights? So, rule number one is DO NOT ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF SOMETHING.


If technicians thought, computers are like this! We must accept that. Would you be able to read this on the web miles apart? Recently, I’ve been loving the song ‘Human’ by Christina Perri. However, as a part of this theory, I stopped listening to this song as the lyrics of the chorus went,’I’m only human…’ I found this as an excuse to something when I’d fail, that’s not what I want, that’s not what we want. Now, I’ve started listening to it again with pure musical hunger and some self control of the mind.

 Once you have conquered that, here’s the real process, the real secret –


Like if you feel a hammer hitting your head, actually imagine it!

If it’s the pounding in the head, imagine a ball in your head bouncing super hard, give it the color which bests matches the feeling, red if anger, yellow if you’ve had an argument with your friend, black if lonely?

Now imagine it bouncing in the head, SEE IT bouncing in the head. Now, don’t try to fight it, SAY, “IT’S OKAY”. And you must believe that it’s okay. It’s alright to be afraid, don’t ever be guilty about it, but, do know it can go. So talk to the  ball, say it’s alright, it’s okay, I’m going to be just alright and better very soon.

The hammer will stop pounding too 🙂

As you talk to it, realizing that it’s presence is not a bad thing, it will gradually start going. The feel will realize, ‘Oh! I am not valued here, am not being here then!’ The shape will slowly start fading and in a few more moments, it will be gone 🙂 . Gone, just like that!

Whilst doing this, try to be alone. It is very important to not hurt others and equally important to perform all the steps continuously. If you are interrupted, you will have to start all over again.

Here, I’ll summarize the super easy and successful 3 steps to make fear shoo away:

1. Don’t accept that you are afraid of it and will have to live with it.

2. Give the physical feeling a shape and color.

3. See it and talk to it saying ‘It’s okay’ 🙂 (because, it is!)

      Lastly, I would like to conclude this blog by admitting that this is not my original concept, this one. I read this in a book and thought of sharing with all of you. It did work for me and I am eager to know if it did for you too. If yes, what was it and if not, what was it? Maybe I can search something else for you and that can help many others.


Shanaya 🙂



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