Facing Fears Part 1

Actually, fear + loneliness + any feeling that does not allow you to be stable.

First up, read books to overcome loneliness!


Now again, this might sound cliché and probably even immature. You might say to yourself that, ‘Oh this woman is crzazy, I know this already, this is not what I want to read on a blog now..’

But, please just hold on. We all know this, but are you using this to your benefit? It’s all about going online for any spare seconds that we can get. Guys, some conversations may brighten our mood up. But some may ruin. Someone’s status or picture on display can keep us thinking for so much of time! But, why should we? Let’s use the social media for what it was made – to talk. Let’s have a picture on display with the help of which our folks can recognize us and not try to make extravaganza efforts to click a picture which puts others in awe. Remember, Simple is Beautiful.


The smell of a book can never be replaced by the less weight of an electronic device. The lines and curves make similar sense at both the places but the emotions vary a lot! When you read a book, you imagine the whole story by yourself. When you watch a movie, that bit is already done for you. When you create your own characters, they become your friends. Plus, you can never say I don’t like to read books. There are just soooo many kinds of books.


Do you like to be the first one to solve a puzzle on Facebook or WhatsApp, grab a book of puzzles? Everyone likes to read about someone who did something good, someone who committed a suicide, all on Social media. If you wish to separate the truth from the fiction, go grab a book about such a person. True stories tend to inspire more.

For a start, if you still can’t find a book, I highly recommend the following book :


Go ahead, you’ll have your friend in your bag 🙂

Are there any books that are your friends already? 🙂 Suggest your favourite book to me in your comments below! 🙂

Your non-book friend,

Shanaya 🙂

P.S. I’m super sorry for continuing the secret to facing fears to the next part. It’s just that I’ve got to do some reading for myself now and when that’s done, I’ll catch up on you guys 🙂