Hello, am Shanaya Brown :)

Well, that’s not my real name.

In fact, this blog is going to be my ‘life inspired‘.

No names will be real, no pronoun will be matching the real situation, BUT THE EMOTIONS WILL.

I came across the word ‘heli’ some time ago. It actually resembled just to …


But, it also had this hidden meaning to it, in a native Asian language 😀 (ref. first post of this bloG)

There are times when our emotions flow through a lot. Sometimes, it’s a flood, this is usually followed by an intentional drought of emotions by us.

When this happened to me, I decided to control them, let them be stable all the time.

In all honesty, it did work. Life became much more normal. I was able to complete projects on time, stay from hurting anybody around me, stay calm.

Now here’s the biggest but………….        (t)4

I was losing the essence of living. I liked to stay in a cheery environment. And, I  used to create that before getting into this stable state. I was independent and that was my ego.

I left it. All of it.

My new findings then were 🙂   –

1. We work much much much more efficiently when in a happy mood than in a stable mood.

2. Independency does not mean aloofing ourself  from those around us.

3. And so, am here to help all of you when you feel low by sharing my happy experiences. Happiness is the most FREAKING contagious thing!!! And seek help from all of you when I feel low.

This could be our own little place of anonymous help. 🙂

Super excited,

Shanaya 🙂


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