Self Help :)

So, (I wonder how many of these blog posts are going to start with ‘So’ :p ).. I COULD ACHIEVE THE TARGET«ref. last blog post»  (but a day late).. I COULD!

Here’s how:

But, before that,


I figured this out that given the following facts, my blog will take some time to reach to you –

1. The fact that I chose a free version, the options off blog names were (It’s alright because these guys here are giving me and many like me our own place in this huge world of people behind screens 🙂 )

2. Of the choice that I had with the name, I’ve made a very different? choice..

3. Inspite of all the odds, if you do make it, I don’t have no clue how far would you like to read..

So I started to prepare myself that for some more time, I’ve got to be here and get it done for myself, no matter if I can whine to someone about it or not, if someone can help me with a better method for it or not, right now, I have to it myself.

Whilst all of this was happening (in my head), youtube was playing in the background. I don’t usually go all the way to skip advertisements and for this once, am utterly glad that I did not 😀

Here’s what the 79 year old lady marathon winner said in the advertisement, ” All I thought was, to complete the marathon, that’s all, that’s what I do every time. The human body is made up in such a manner, that if the mind does it, the body can.

As a child, she loved to run; pursued it as her career; met with an injury; went against the doctors and got out of bed; ran to complete the marathon and won it; now teaches her family and friends to run and live.

As easily I put her life in 1 sentence, her essence of living is so helpful. She knew that she could achieve any freaking feat. It was all in her…


How easy is it! 

Even when I’m at yoga class, my hands give up trying to reach my feet only when my mind assures them that I can’t do it. Now, I CAN! I CAN DO ANYTHING AT ALL 🙂

What is the first thing that you will do if you find this helpful?

I’d love to know, do post it in the comments below 🙂

Shanaya 🙂







Hello, am Shanaya Brown :)

Well, that’s not my real name.

In fact, this blog is going to be my ‘life inspired‘.

No names will be real, no pronoun will be matching the real situation, BUT THE EMOTIONS WILL.

I came across the word ‘heli’ some time ago. It actually resembled just to …


But, it also had this hidden meaning to it, in a native Asian language 😀 (ref. first post of this bloG)

There are times when our emotions flow through a lot. Sometimes, it’s a flood, this is usually followed by an intentional drought of emotions by us.

When this happened to me, I decided to control them, let them be stable all the time.

In all honesty, it did work. Life became much more normal. I was able to complete projects on time, stay from hurting anybody around me, stay calm.

Now here’s the biggest but………….        (t)4

I was losing the essence of living. I liked to stay in a cheery environment. And, I  used to create that before getting into this stable state. I was independent and that was my ego.

I left it. All of it.

My new findings then were 🙂   –

1. We work much much much more efficiently when in a happy mood than in a stable mood.

2. Independency does not mean aloofing ourself  from those around us.

3. And so, am here to help all of you when you feel low by sharing my happy experiences. Happiness is the most FREAKING contagious thing!!! And seek help from all of you when I feel low.

This could be our own little place of anonymous help. 🙂

Super excited,

Shanaya 🙂

heli n. love and affectoin :)

This is what I actually typed first ‘affectoin‘.

I went back and corrected it to ‘affection‘. A super normal typing error, that was.

But, that’s when it came to my mind, that we all make such small errors, with someone we love, with respect to someone we love, for someone we think we don’t love..

This is what we ‘can’ talk about, there is full freedom and no hard and fast rules..

And, erring is totally okay when t’s unintentional! I leave this first title to our start just this way as a reminder that many of you would have read it right, hopefully? If the feeling is pure, it does reach through, and all that follows is a smile 🙂


P.S. That’s not me in the header picture. Ought to share 🙂 (My blogs are going to seem like a little child who is obsessed with smileys smiles, maybe that’s who I am from within?)

Comment below who you are from within, it’s time to discover, express and feel good about that 🙂