Stationery Haul :D

Man, there are such awesome stationery lovers’ paradise here.. (sighs)

Hello everyone!

All of us work, the work may be anything you know.. Say play cricket or study to become a CA or cook or work for a builder? 

But, while doing anything we all use some kind of stationery. And the better it is, it just makes us want to get back to work (trust me, it does!)

So, recently I had a little splurge at a Superstore ‘ANUPAM’ which is located in Mumbai opposite the Borivali Railway station. It has expanded recently and boy, the stuff they have <big sighhh>

I’ll leave the prices in the caption. Enjoy!

Following are packets of printed papers. Now what I want to mention which is common for every packet is that the cover depicts just the pattern and every paper in it is of a different color but that print. (There are 2 same coloured in each packet).

10 Rs. only for 20 solid pretty colored papers (15cmx15cm)
250 Rs. for glittery + beautifully printed papers (This one I bought from the crawford market) (30cmx30cm)
150 Rs. for super super cute 16 sheets of (wrapping but multipurpose) papers (30cmx46cm)
145 Rs. for 40 sheets of really beautiful floral printed paper (A5)
Yeah, I bought 2 packets. (15cmx15cm)
10 Rs. Only for this awesome speckled pack of 20 sheets (15cmx15cm)
25 Rs. for Colourful Abstract Paper (15cmx15cm)
20 Rs.! for 20 Spotty papers! (15cmx15cm)
20 Rs. for 20 starry sheets (15cmx15cm)
25 Rs. for 20 Abstract, colorful sheets (15cmx15cm)
25 Rs. for 20 sheets of Animal Print (15cmx15cm)
25 Rupees for 20 awesome sheets of metallic paper (15cmx15cm)

Following is a packet of wooden clips which can be used for anything as far as your imagination can go. I use it as bookmarks.

45 Rupees for 10 clips

I also use a lot of post it notes and these I bought from crawford market, Abdul Rehman street.

30 bucks for the packet
10 Rupeees only!!! (A bargain, right?)

I also bought some oil paint based markers which claim to write on most surfaces and I am already finding these worth the spending.

95 Rupees for each marker

So, this is the recent addition to my collection.

I hope you enjoyed going through and found something that can be useful for you. Please let me know in the comments if you know how to type in a Rupee sign as you may have noticed I still can’t figure that out -.-

Eager to use the papers,

Shanaya 🙂


Hello INDIA and WORLD!

 Hello Indians,

I’ve been an active blog reader and vlog watcher of some of the best bloggers and vloggers around the world. But, many of the hacks, many hauls, many adventures are those that can be enjoyed just there, in their hometown. Soooo here I am! Yeah, I am currently living in this beautiful nation of yours, India.

Get all geared up folks!!! All of my hacks, stuff that I bought, places to go to have fun can be enjoyed by everyone of you 🙂


Also, world, it’s fun to interact with someone who has been bought up in a different way and lives a different life. As much as I might not be able to get or do somethings, I definitely do enjoy knowing that something like this exists! So, do stay in touch.

Let me know in the comments if you wish me to blog about some particular aspect or tip of on some natural beauty hacks or shopping tips?


Shanaya 🙂

Facing Fears Part 2

Hello SOuls!

(Now am super duper eager to share this concept of SOULS with you. If I’m efficient enough and manage to put through the feelings well, for those who understand the science may just change their lives for good 🙂 but since I’d started this theory, must complete sharing this first)

Alright so this, is precisely about dealing with fears. Following are a few sensations that we feel when we are in a trance of upset feelings or are in the state of fear:

1. Pounding in the head

2. Trembling of hands or feet

3. Gripping at the throat

4. A choking feeling

5. Any other feeling which makes you feel gutted


Now, fears stop us from going ahead, stop us from living a life free from any barriers. Let’s break the walls down together!

First up, do not, DO NOT accept it that ‘I am afraid of it’. When you accept it, you don’t mind it to be there and manipulate your way of doing an activity. But remember, you might not be able to manipulate every task. Fear may also stop you from enjoying, like maybe visiting an amusement park with thrilling rides at great heights? So, rule number one is DO NOT ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE AFRAID OF SOMETHING.


If technicians thought, computers are like this! We must accept that. Would you be able to read this on the web miles apart? Recently, I’ve been loving the song ‘Human’ by Christina Perri. However, as a part of this theory, I stopped listening to this song as the lyrics of the chorus went,’I’m only human…’ I found this as an excuse to something when I’d fail, that’s not what I want, that’s not what we want. Now, I’ve started listening to it again with pure musical hunger and some self control of the mind.

 Once you have conquered that, here’s the real process, the real secret –


Like if you feel a hammer hitting your head, actually imagine it!

If it’s the pounding in the head, imagine a ball in your head bouncing super hard, give it the color which bests matches the feeling, red if anger, yellow if you’ve had an argument with your friend, black if lonely?

Now imagine it bouncing in the head, SEE IT bouncing in the head. Now, don’t try to fight it, SAY, “IT’S OKAY”. And you must believe that it’s okay. It’s alright to be afraid, don’t ever be guilty about it, but, do know it can go. So talk to the  ball, say it’s alright, it’s okay, I’m going to be just alright and better very soon.

The hammer will stop pounding too 🙂

As you talk to it, realizing that it’s presence is not a bad thing, it will gradually start going. The feel will realize, ‘Oh! I am not valued here, am not being here then!’ The shape will slowly start fading and in a few more moments, it will be gone 🙂 . Gone, just like that!

Whilst doing this, try to be alone. It is very important to not hurt others and equally important to perform all the steps continuously. If you are interrupted, you will have to start all over again.

Here, I’ll summarize the super easy and successful 3 steps to make fear shoo away:

1. Don’t accept that you are afraid of it and will have to live with it.

2. Give the physical feeling a shape and color.

3. See it and talk to it saying ‘It’s okay’ 🙂 (because, it is!)

      Lastly, I would like to conclude this blog by admitting that this is not my original concept, this one. I read this in a book and thought of sharing with all of you. It did work for me and I am eager to know if it did for you too. If yes, what was it and if not, what was it? Maybe I can search something else for you and that can help many others.


Shanaya 🙂


Facing Fears Part 1

Actually, fear + loneliness + any feeling that does not allow you to be stable.

First up, read books to overcome loneliness!


Now again, this might sound cliché and probably even immature. You might say to yourself that, ‘Oh this woman is crzazy, I know this already, this is not what I want to read on a blog now..’

But, please just hold on. We all know this, but are you using this to your benefit? It’s all about going online for any spare seconds that we can get. Guys, some conversations may brighten our mood up. But some may ruin. Someone’s status or picture on display can keep us thinking for so much of time! But, why should we? Let’s use the social media for what it was made – to talk. Let’s have a picture on display with the help of which our folks can recognize us and not try to make extravaganza efforts to click a picture which puts others in awe. Remember, Simple is Beautiful.


The smell of a book can never be replaced by the less weight of an electronic device. The lines and curves make similar sense at both the places but the emotions vary a lot! When you read a book, you imagine the whole story by yourself. When you watch a movie, that bit is already done for you. When you create your own characters, they become your friends. Plus, you can never say I don’t like to read books. There are just soooo many kinds of books.


Do you like to be the first one to solve a puzzle on Facebook or WhatsApp, grab a book of puzzles? Everyone likes to read about someone who did something good, someone who committed a suicide, all on Social media. If you wish to separate the truth from the fiction, go grab a book about such a person. True stories tend to inspire more.

For a start, if you still can’t find a book, I highly recommend the following book :


Go ahead, you’ll have your friend in your bag 🙂

Are there any books that are your friends already? 🙂 Suggest your favourite book to me in your comments below! 🙂

Your non-book friend,

Shanaya 🙂

P.S. I’m super sorry for continuing the secret to facing fears to the next part. It’s just that I’ve got to do some reading for myself now and when that’s done, I’ll catch up on you guys 🙂 

Self Help :)

So, (I wonder how many of these blog posts are going to start with ‘So’ :p ).. I COULD ACHIEVE THE TARGET«ref. last blog post»  (but a day late).. I COULD!

Here’s how:

But, before that,


I figured this out that given the following facts, my blog will take some time to reach to you –

1. The fact that I chose a free version, the options off blog names were (It’s alright because these guys here are giving me and many like me our own place in this huge world of people behind screens 🙂 )

2. Of the choice that I had with the name, I’ve made a very different? choice..

3. Inspite of all the odds, if you do make it, I don’t have no clue how far would you like to read..

So I started to prepare myself that for some more time, I’ve got to be here and get it done for myself, no matter if I can whine to someone about it or not, if someone can help me with a better method for it or not, right now, I have to it myself.

Whilst all of this was happening (in my head), youtube was playing in the background. I don’t usually go all the way to skip advertisements and for this once, am utterly glad that I did not 😀

Here’s what the 79 year old lady marathon winner said in the advertisement, ” All I thought was, to complete the marathon, that’s all, that’s what I do every time. The human body is made up in such a manner, that if the mind does it, the body can.

As a child, she loved to run; pursued it as her career; met with an injury; went against the doctors and got out of bed; ran to complete the marathon and won it; now teaches her family and friends to run and live.

As easily I put her life in 1 sentence, her essence of living is so helpful. She knew that she could achieve any freaking feat. It was all in her…


How easy is it! 

Even when I’m at yoga class, my hands give up trying to reach my feet only when my mind assures them that I can’t do it. Now, I CAN! I CAN DO ANYTHING AT ALL 🙂

What is the first thing that you will do if you find this helpful?

I’d love to know, do post it in the comments below 🙂

Shanaya 🙂






Hello, am Shanaya Brown :)

Well, that’s not my real name.

In fact, this blog is going to be my ‘life inspired‘.

No names will be real, no pronoun will be matching the real situation, BUT THE EMOTIONS WILL.

I came across the word ‘heli’ some time ago. It actually resembled just to …


But, it also had this hidden meaning to it, in a native Asian language 😀 (ref. first post of this bloG)

There are times when our emotions flow through a lot. Sometimes, it’s a flood, this is usually followed by an intentional drought of emotions by us.

When this happened to me, I decided to control them, let them be stable all the time.

In all honesty, it did work. Life became much more normal. I was able to complete projects on time, stay from hurting anybody around me, stay calm.

Now here’s the biggest but………….        (t)4

I was losing the essence of living. I liked to stay in a cheery environment. And, I  used to create that before getting into this stable state. I was independent and that was my ego.

I left it. All of it.

My new findings then were 🙂   –

1. We work much much much more efficiently when in a happy mood than in a stable mood.

2. Independency does not mean aloofing ourself  from those around us.

3. And so, am here to help all of you when you feel low by sharing my happy experiences. Happiness is the most FREAKING contagious thing!!! And seek help from all of you when I feel low.

This could be our own little place of anonymous help. 🙂

Super excited,

Shanaya 🙂

heli n. love and affectoin :)

This is what I actually typed first ‘affectoin‘.

I went back and corrected it to ‘affection‘. A super normal typing error, that was.

But, that’s when it came to my mind, that we all make such small errors, with someone we love, with respect to someone we love, for someone we think we don’t love..

This is what we ‘can’ talk about, there is full freedom and no hard and fast rules..

And, erring is totally okay when t’s unintentional! I leave this first title to our start just this way as a reminder that many of you would have read it right, hopefully? If the feeling is pure, it does reach through, and all that follows is a smile 🙂


P.S. That’s not me in the header picture. Ought to share 🙂 (My blogs are going to seem like a little child who is obsessed with smileys smiles, maybe that’s who I am from within?)

Comment below who you are from within, it’s time to discover, express and feel good about that 🙂